Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A String of Snowflakes

We're not counting on a white Christmas so I decided to make my own. You can, too, with a little help from a die-cutting tool and a sewing machine.

I love my Slice machine. Although the Slice isn't manufactured any longer, there are far more elaborate die-cutting tools on the market such as the Silhouette or Cricut. I'm a simple girl so I will stick with my little Slice as long as it keeps ticking.

I cut a variety of snowflakes in all different sizes out of plain white cardstock; I used the Fa La La and Mistletoe discs. When I had a good pile of snow, I pulled the sewing machine out of the closet and stitched them together on white thread.

I sewed mine a little close together but you can exercise more patience and leave more wiggle room. (I've got stuff to do. Can't be sitting around waiting for extra stitches right now!) Hang it on a bold wall to make it really pop. String it from the ceiling lights. Drape it across the window and let the light shine through. No matter where you hang your snowflake garland, may it bring you a little winter cheer--with or without snow on the ground.

Bonus material: I'll give you a few close-ups of my snowman collage. It's a little small for this wall but I wanted to team it up with the strand of snowflakes. Let's zoom in on some of the fun details here...

I love the colors and the vintage wrapping paper in this piece. I'm also glad I added the ruler detail to his nose. If you have a sick sense of humor, well then, go with that. I'm no prude. I just wish I were there with you to giggle, too. Is my snowman blushing?!

We used to get our fair share of snowfall at Snowberry Farm. I always miss our sweet house this time of year--my craft room in particular!

I'll be back tomorrow with more Christmas inspiration! Thanks for following along on this fun little Winter Break craft challenge. XO BB