DJ Wrapper BB

Today, I've left it all to the last minute: the wrapping, the groceries, the baking. This is when it gets real, people.

Maybe you have a few things to wrap today, too? If so, here's a little wrapping inspiration from DJ Wrapper BB (with a little OCD).

First of all, you don't need to amass a lot of gift wrap. Storing too many rolls takes space (we're short on space so that's always a challenge) and then you run the risk of mucking them up. I like my gift wrap to be pristine. Just choose a few favorites. Oh, and by the way, I prefer to actually wrap gifts in boxes. I rarely use gift bags unless the item is a really weird shape or if I'm in a pinch.

Second--and perhaps most importantly--beautiful ribbon is a must. I tend to have lots of ribbon on hand in a variety of colors for year-round wrapping. I love Paper Source satin ribbon.

Have fun with your wrapping. Even though I always leave it to the last minute, I like the wrapping better than the shopping and [almost] better than the un-wrapping (both of which create certain doses of anxiety). I tend to be sort of a matchy-matchy person. I was excited to find tissue to match the fabric of the gift! As an added bonus, I found a necklace from Forever21 that matched the glittery polka dot theme.

Tags are part of the fun, too. I fell in love with these tags that I found at Stuhlberg's, one of my favorite Queen Anne gift and stationery shops. Here is the finished package with the sweet tag on top.

Tags don't just have to be paper either. I cut this one out of felt and stapled on a sweet little sentiment. Mini-safety pins are wonderful for quick and artsy tag attachment.

There are other ways to "tag" gifts in less traditional ways, too. For this gift, I cut letters out of an old children's book and glued them directly onto the wrapping paper.

It's easy to print your own tags on printed paper, too. Stitching these simple strips on the sewing machine both tags and seals the bag at the same time.

And, finally, if you prefer to give money (one of the best gifts ever) you can have loads of fun with the packaging. I made these simple money holders out of cute patterned paper and was happy they way they turned out. Similar to the stitched bags above, you can also easily affix a custom tag, too.

Whatever you are doing on this merry Christmas eve, I hope you are happy and healthy and doing what you love. That's a wrap!

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