Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Dancer Lives Here

photo credit Jerome Tso
I don't really need to tell you we have a dancer in the house; there's evidence all around. Here are a few visual clues you'd see if you stopped by today.

First, the obvious: we do loads of laundry full of tights, leotards, and workout gear. One shower curtain rod and four towel bars aren't enough.

Hairpins are a telltale sign, too. We find them everywhere. Seriously. Everywhere. Sometimes I wonder how many bobby pins we have purchased within the last decade or so.

And, what goes with hairpins? Hairspray. Lots of hairspray. Largest quantities you can find, please.

You'll always find the current PNB promotional materials on our table. Never recycle these. They are to be kept for all of eternity. P.S. If you're near the Seattle area, you should really buy tickets for Coppelia which, as the postcard reveals..."opens this week!"

Training for a professional dance career also requires an endless source of inspiration. Motivational messages are sprinkled throughout our home. Sometimes I don't know how our girl can work as hard as she does. Her determination and drive are astounding. It never waivers.

The things that you might not physically see--but are ever present in our home--include the boundless pride we have for our daughter, our amazement in witnessing her journey, and our deep appreciation for performing arts organizations. It is a marvelous experience raising a dancer, and it is exciting to consider where she will land someday. It's all truly a great leap of faith!

photo credit Jerome Tso